The company’s policies and objectives:

The manager of Bana Sanat Pirooz Company considers honest relationship with the organization’s organs- the company’s personnel and customers- as his/ her most valuable treasure and capital and holds the belief that true development is accomplished when the levels of management and technology improve alongside human and moral principles. This company therefore aims at manufacturing metal parts and wiring harnesses, promoting the quality of its products, gaining a larger share of the domestic market, and increasing the levels of satisfaction of its customers and so considers itself obligated to present its productions in such a manner that all its customers and consumers are absolutely happy, trusting the organization and its products. 

In order to achieve the above- mentioned objectives, this company has set up the following axes as its blueprint:

1- Thoroughly understanding the requirements of the customers and the legal requirements and trying to promote customer satisfaction along meeting them 

2- Constantly training and improving its human resources in order to increase their knowledge and awareness as the valuable resource of the organization

3- Increasing the production capacity and promoting the levels of production technologies and decreasing the amount of waste in order to respond to the customers and the market’s demands and legal measures 

4- Improving the effectiveness of the quality management system processes and constantly improving them 

The organization has been established in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 standard in order to accomplish the above- mentioned matters. The quality goals have also been prepared based on that standard. All the employees are required to understand the quality policies, the customers’ demands, and the legal obligations and to observe quality when fulfilling the duties assigned to them and to be responsible.